Fundraising campaign: Caring for forest trails in Kota Damansara

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Enable us to keep open 10 km of forest trails that connect our community to nature for one year.

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Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve was gazetted in 2010 after a sustained campaign by civil society to safeguard the forest. This 800 acres of forest remains today, a precious oasis of green amid the urban sprawl of Klang Valley, a refuge for biodiversity and humans alike.

Over the past 5 years, with our volunteers and sponsors, we are proud to have demonstrated the power of public participation by building 14 km of sustainable forest trails that are open to the public without charge. The trails provide an amazing pathway to recreation, education, and reconnecting with nature and well-being.

KDCF’s forest trails are maintained by volunteers working alongside a dedicated team of Temuan Orang Asli that are the backbone of forest trail upkeep. We rely on the Temuan Team for rapid response – removing fallen trees from trails, replacing broken signage, even removing hornets nests! They also accompany visiting volunteers or school groups that come to learn about the forest environment. In sum, without them it would not be possible to keep our trails open, safe and serving our community.

KDCF Society is committed to ensuring that there is regular work and income for our indigenous neighbours. Each year we need approximately USD4,000 for trail maintenance. This year we have already managed to raise USD1,000 of this amount. With your help we can raise the rest of the funds we need to continue to engage the Temuan Team to maintain the KDCF trails for a further 12 months.

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