Global Citizen Dialogue on Climate Change and Energy

Hi, I attended this event on Saturday morning, 6th June 2015. It was mostly aimed at people who had little knowledge on the concept of global warming and was being held for the first time in Malaysia (and for the 3rd time in over 100 countries around the world). Overall, it turned out okay, with a sprinkling of initiatives being carried out by MBPJ.


First up, we had speeches from representatives of various organisations (MNS, French Embassy, MBPJ), followed by 5 rounds of video presentations, group discussions and filling up survey forms. The results from all the filled up survey forms were then keyed in to a special website, from which you can compare Malaysia’s citizens’ views with that of the rest of the world ( After that, each participant was presented with a certificate of participation and a goodie bag.


Some of the facts that were shared with us:

We have less than 30 years left to prevent an increase of 2 decrees Celsius of Earth’s global temperature.

Cutting carbon emissions would save governments money.

Green political parties are not allowed to be formed as institutions in Malaysia, as was faced by Wong Teck when he tried to form a green political party in response to Lynas Corporation being set up in Kuantan.

Laws are tabled in order to legislate the setting up of an incinerator in Kepong.

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