Guide to MESYM documentary screenings @ Plaza Sentral

Hi all! We’ve moved to a new venue for the MESYM Documentary Nights. The address is: MSC Malaysia Incubation Centre, Block 1B, Level 3, Plaza Sentral (instead of Loyar Burok). View map in Google Maps.

Here’s a pictoral guide to bring you from KL Sentral to the event:

From within KL Sentral, this is what you see if you face Nu Sentral.


Go towards the right of Nu Sentral, towards the “This way to KLIA Express”sign.


Get out of the building, follow the sign that has Plaza Sentral on it.


You’ll cross the pedestrian walkway.


Once you get into Plaza Sentral, follow the sign that says Block 1A-1B.


At Block 1B, take the lift up to the 3rd floor. When you get out of the lift, you’ll see a blue door with a sign on its side, saying “Incubation Centre”.


This is the sign. Just follow it.


And here’s the door to our event!


We look forward to seeing you at our screenings!

Welcome to MESYM!
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