I have a few ideas to make Malaysia more sustainable. Need help :)

I have been living abroad for most of my life but now have returned back to Malaysia. I notice that there are a few things that could be better in my own home country. So I stumbled across your organization while I was googling up ‘where to recycle malaysia’. Malaysia is obviously a few steps behind in terms of Green Living. So I would like to join an influential organization like http://www.mesym.com where I can help.

I have a few ideas to do:

  1. Consolidate all recycling facilities according to their function & area
  2. Consolidate areas of farmers market in Malaysia
  3. I notice there are no battery recycling facilities. Maybe we can do something about this?
  4. I could write up good content article to promote greener & healthier living
  5. promote cooking for self & family rather than eating out all the time.
  6. Promote public transport & riding bicycle wherever possible.
  7. Organize a campaign where people would not use styrofoam containers for food takeout but will bring their own tupperwear instead.

as you can see, I have a few ideas rolling in my head & would like to join forces with you rather than setting up my own website. Anyone interested to collaborate, please feel free to contact me 🙂



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