International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2013)

This was the time when I realised how little I know about the green technology today and how a small innovation and improvement can make a huge difference towards our environment. Last Sunday I went to the International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2013), the region’s largest green technology and eco-products exhibition which was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) for four days since 10th October 2013. It was the 4th IGEM with the theme ‘Advancing Green Growth and Global Entrepreneurship’ organised by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), Malaysia. The exhibitors were from countries all over the world that covered sectors such as building materials & design, eco products & services, energy, government, green financing, ICT, manufacturing, resources recovery management, transportation & logistic and the list went on. Many of the green products made their first appearance in Malaysia here for the commercialisation of green technology, eco products and services for green growth.

Maybe IGEM 2013 looked somehow like a business gathering and matching, it was actually a galore of green information that we need to know. There were lots of booths representing each green company or organization with their persons-in-charged who were knowledgable and friendly to approach. All information about green technology that I could get from the exhibition was just the tip of the iceberg! There were many more to explore! Through this event I found that being green is not just under the field of environmental science but under every aspect of our life. Hybrid cars, solar energy, biogas, flush-free toilet, organic pesticide etc… Innovations make everything possible by replacing the material used with biodegradable or recycled materials and reducing the usage of raw materials and energy. New technologies (some are quite long existed, but still new to Malaysia) from German, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries are making their way into Malaysia, a still developing country especially in green technology. A very good sign indeed!

The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water of Malaysia, the organiser of IGEM 2013!

Glow-in-the-dark tiles come with two colours from Bespoke Concrete Products LTD, UK. According to the person-in-charged, it can absorb UV light and glow for 8 to 10 hours. It can also last for over 25 years and is maintenance free! This save a lot of energy required for roadside lamp! Don’t you think it is romantic? Haha. I believe it can minimise light pollution too.

Paper products like food container and foot massage mat made of recycled paper and sugar cane fibre! Advice from the person-in-charged of Telic Paper Sdn Bhd: except laminated paper, even paper with food stain can be recycled, so please don’t throw them away. This company was started about thirty years ago producing egg cartons. So glad that there is a huge company processing recycled paper.

Clothing made of 50% or more bamboo fibre by BLIV-Bamboo. It is just as comfy as cotton clothes although the price is slightly higher, about 10-15% more. Believe it or not, the technology comes from China! By using this technology, we can reduce the usage of synthetic cloth which is less eco-friendly.

Agricultural products using sustainable integrated farming by IRIS Corporation Berhad. The water from bore, pond or rainwater harvest is first and foremost being used to rear Jade Perch (as shown in the bottom left photo) which requires good quality water, followed by fish requires less pristine water such as Patin and Tilapia and finally tolerant fish like Catfish and Guppies. Wait, it is not the end yet. The used water is utilised for duck weed cultivation (as shown in the bottom right photo) and the duck weed is a good source of protein for fish. This company has the AutoPot System which saves water and fertilisers during plantation of melons, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The agri waste is then used for mulching (encourage microorganism growth) as feed for poultry. The poultry waste is then used for worm culture and the worm is used to feed the fish. This cycle makes farming more sustainable!

Penang Green Council was established in 2011 to promote greener lifestyle among Penangites. They are currently running a project named Penang Green Office Project where companies are encouraged to do the quiz online about the sustainability of their offices. If they score more than 70%, they will be granted the label of green office which comes with benefits!

Malaysian Timber Certification Council, a government-linked company, According to the person-in-charged, there are ONLY 10 certified sustainable forests in Malaysia that produce timber! This means that non-sustainable or illegal logging is still active out there!

Now the green trend is rising, even if I would end up doing something else besides environmental science field, it would be related to green technologies (no more worries that I would be jobless in the future for taking this unpopular course). I am still very excited about it right now, haha. It is the hope of every green human that we are going towards sustainable living. Students! Don’t let go the opportunity to attend this event next year as it is important that we are aware of these kinds of technologies which could be crucial for our future! I shall come again next year, next next year, next next next year and so on because green improvement and development never ends.

P/S: This article is taken and edited from my own blog.

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