Keep Happiness Going: Recycle

Being one of the most popular soft drink company in the world, Coca-Cola company has been showing concerns towards our environment by promoting greener lifestyle through campaigns and their policy worldwide. And yes, in Malaysia, Coca-Cola has been carrying out a campaign here, in University Putra Malaysia! This two-year project named ‘Recycle to Cycle‘ was launched in 2013 by the Biology Department of Faculty of Science with the collaboration of Coca-Cola Malaysia. A total of RM 750,000 was provided from Coca-Cola Foundation to make this project a success, according to the news on official portal of UPM.

It’s 2014 now and I am reintroducing this project again here to promote this meaningful event to support the our green campus campaign. Not all of us own a bicycle in the campus and maybe it is because we only have a few semesters left and it is not worth it to buy a brand new bicycle just for the usage within the campus especially for those who live far away from the university. I am quite sure that most of us enjoy cycling as the cool evening breeze brushes through our hair when we pedalling down the bicycle lane. Here’s the chance! You can trade in four empty cans with one red Coca-Cola foldable bike for one day! You do not have to spend even a cent to borrow a bicycle here. What you have to do is save up the empty cans and take them to the Faculty of Science. That’s it! Simple and nice.

Recycling is not a burden. Just remind yourself before throwing away anything as it might be useful to you. Keep happiness going, recycle.

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