Key Ideas from the ‘Corporate Leadership: Battle of the Big Ideas for Sustainability’ event.

Hi, here are the key ideas shared with us by the presenters:


To implement sustainability, you have to first start with a simple idea and carry it out.

A lot of things we have is out of habit.

Once you have gone down the path of sustainability and believe in the changes you have made, it is hard to go back.

Leaders come and go, so sustainability must be built into the DNA of the company.

You either cater to current demands or create new demands for sustainable efforts.

You have to rope in your employees to make the transition to sustainability successful.

Sometimes you have to go against the ‘grain’, against the authorities in order to institute sustainability into your organisation. Don’t wait for the consumer to make the demands, just focus on doing the right thing.

There is no harm in sharing your sustainability programmes/information with other companies; in fact, it is the moral duty of industry leaders to share their knowledge with others.

The big brass have to lead the way in terms of policies and governance in order to incorporate sustainability into each industry.

We have to be more vocal and rope in the youth.


My conclusion based on the sage words of advice of all the presenters

Sustainability is beyond CSR; it’s about ensuring that each process in the business produces the least amount of waste with the minimum use of energy, time and money.


The video of the event is available at this link:

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