Kuala Lumpur Kepong: Withdraw from Collingwood Bay – urgent petition

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please could you sign and share the petition below to try and stop Malaysian PO company KLK from destroying the livelihoods of the indigenous communities of Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea?


Outside Malaysia there are other groups, including RAN, and individuals who are also trying hard to stop KLK.

However, here in Malaysia PO issues involving Msian companies…labour, abuse, land grabs, orangutans etc etc is never covered by the mainstream Malaysian media. In our experience Malaysian PO companies are never publicly pressured here at home.

From reports we received, it seems KLK have started to resort to intimidation, with one case of physical violence already reported (we are trying to make this public). FYI KLK have been exposed previously re child, forced labour in plantations belonging to KLK. And now issues in Liberia.

Please also sign and share the petition by RAN to pressure KLK’s banker, HSBC.


Thank you for your help.

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