Looking for gifts? Check out our exclusive terrapin batiks!

Our second batch of terrapin batiks have just arrived, in time for Christmas and New Year! 

Each batik measures 1.8m in length, and can either be worn, or used to adorn your furniture, or as a table runner, or fashioned into pieces of clothings of your preference (pants, batik shirts, beach wear, skirts, etc.). Not only that — each batik is individually wrapped, and is ready to be gifted!

All proceeds from the sale of these terrapin batiks will be channeled into TCS for its research, conservation, education and public outreach projects.

How to order?

(1) Email us your order. Please remember to include your name, address, phone number and indicate the product(s) and quantity. Our email is: contactus@turtleconservationsociety.org.my.

(2) We will confirm the availability of your order and the total amount payable, including postage via PosLaju (buyer pays postage).

(3) Remit payment. Our bank account details are as follows:
Name: Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia
Bank: Maybank Berhad
Acc. No.: 5630 6412 4656

Have a question? Send your questions to contactus@turtleconservationsociety.org.my and we will get back to you shortly!

(1) TCS Life Members enjoy a 15% discount on all batiks.
(2) Receipts will be issued upon request.

Tips: Combine your order with your family/friends to share the cost of postage!

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