Malayan Tiger needs you!


Malaysia’s endangered wildlife and their threatened home forests need conservation leaders.

Just this year the Malayan tiger became Critically Endangered, one step away from extinction with only 250-340 animals left in the wild. The goal of 1,000 tigers by year 2020 has been shattered by the relentless poaching pressure due to the demand from trade in tiger and other wildlife parts. Many other species like bear, sambar and pangolins are also vulnerable to poaching.

MYCAT is now recruiting volunteers to lead Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) Walks to deter wildlife poaching and illegal activities in the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor, the last remaining East West forest linkage between Taman Negara and the Main Range.

If you care about what is happening to Wild Malaysia and are


sign up for our CAT Walk Volunteer Leader Training.

This training workshop is organised to recruit volunteer leaders for CAT Walks, to further develop the CAT programme and to increase the presence of citizen conservationists at the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor.

A trained CAT Walk volunteer leader are expected to:

CAT Walk volunteer leader criteria:

  1. Above 18 years of age
  2. Have experience leading group of people on a forest excursion (camping trips etc.)
  3. Reasonably fit with no major health issues or medical conditions
  4. Committed to complete the CAT Walk Volunteer Leader certification process within a year (by September 2016), which involves participating in additional trainings and in at least 4 CAT Walks for on-the-job training

The training is limited to 15 participants who will be selected based on their suitability (assessed via a questionnaire). The trainers consist of MYCAT Secretariat’s Office staff. The deadline for application is 21 August 2015 and successful applicants will be notified by 26 August 2015.

Date: 3-4 October 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur (exact venue will be confirmed at a later date)
Participation fee: RM150/person (covers cost of meals and training material)

Fill up this questionnaire by Friday, 21 August 2015. Participants will be selected based on assessment of the questionnaire.

To find out more about the CAT programme, visit our website at and watch this NTV 7 documentary on CAT Walks:

For further enquiries, you can reach us at or 03-7880 3940 during office hours.

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