Malaysian Endangered Wildlife Calendar 2016: Get your copy today!

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Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on this for a while now, and are really excited to present to you the MYCAT 2016 calendar! Special thanks to the talented Ng Yih Young for contributing most of the gorgeous illustrations of Malaysian wildlife. We hope you like it as much as we do.

To raise funds, this calendar will be sold at RM20 in Malaysia and USD20 for international purchases (both including postage). Help amplify our efforts! It doesn’t matter where you are based, if you’d like to volunteer with our calendar fundraising team, please contact us at

Full proceeds will support our work in 2016, we will continue creating opportunities for everyone to help save wildlife through Citizen Action for Tigers and the Wildlife Crime Hotline, and conducting Tiger Roadshows to educate Malaysians about our wildlife. We will also continue working closely with MYCAT partner NGOs (MNS, TRAFFIC, WCS and WWF) and our counterparts in government towards the common goal of saving tigers.

This year, 333 CAT Walkers have joined us in protecting the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor and have walked 302km in total, see a blog update here: The CAT effect. Through the Wildlife Crime Hotline, 98 reports have been channelled to PERHILITAN, the Wildlife Department, where 52 reports were about endangered wildlife being sold. We are also working with PERHILITAN to get a hunting ban on sambar and barking deer extended, and ultimately to get them totally protected by law so that no more hunting will be allowed. Sadly, sambar numbers have declined so much due to over-hunting that in some places, they are even rarer than tigers.

Thank you all for your support thus far, let’s work together to make this fundraising project a success!

For online purchase within Malaysia, click HERE
For international purchase, please email

Warm regards,
MYCAT Secretariat’s Office

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