MDBC Sustainability Awards 2013

After the successful launch of the MDBC Sustainability Awards (MSA) in 2011, MDBC has continued to grow and evolve the awards program.  Created to acknowledge, showcase, honor and reward the outstanding Best Practices of MDBC member companies in sustainability, it is in line with the efforts of the MDBC and the Netherlands Embassy over the past years to be involved in events and share information on CSR, Corporate Governance, Green Technology, Sustainable Development and more.

As soon as the inaugural MSA was over, we continued to work on the concept, categories and criteria. Knowing that we wanted to continue developing the MSA and build on what we have already achieved, it was decided that the categories for the awards would be changed every year.  This would ensure that different companies with a variety of specializations also have the opportunity to showcase and share their best practices in sustainability.

The categories for this year’s MSA are as follows:

  1. Best Sustainability Communication
  2. Best Corporate Governance & Ethics
  3. Best Sustainable Workplace
  4. Best Sustainable Supply Chain Management OR Logistics Project (Members & Non Members)

Though the categories are changed, the format for MSA remains the same.  MSA consists of both a day program (informative) and an evening program (social).  For the day program, shortlisted companies in each category present their projects to the judges and audience members (open to all!) in order to share their hard earned knowledge and experiences with other MDBC members.  This also provides the judges with a final opportunity to review each nomination and make their final decision on the winners in each category.  This format ensures transparency and also encourages sharing of best practices so that we can all learn from each other.  The evening program consists of the awards presentation to the winners in each category with a judges report on why those organizations won.

The independent, expert panel of judges in the MSA’13 will be led by the Chief Judge, H.E. Harry Molenaar (Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Malaysia).  The Chief Judge of MSA’11 and MSA’12 was H.E. Paul Bekkers (Former Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Malaysia).  The judges will evaluate the projects for consideration with the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness, Innovativeness and Originality of the Project.
  • Impact of the Project on stakeholders (qualitative / quantitative, short term and long term).
  • Sustainability of the Program (People, Planet, Profit).
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Project.
  • How and to what extent the Project is being communicated and reported (Internally and externally).
  • Project Management (Planning, control, assurance and improvement).
  • How easy it is to duplicate the Project.

MSA’13 will take place at the end of October 2013. We are now open to receive nomination or recommendation forms and sponsorship.

For more information about the Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC) and the MDBC Sustainability Awards 2013 (MSA’13), please have a look on our website ( or Facebook Page (

Also have a look in the MSA Magazine supplements of the years 2012 and 2011 for photos, judges, short listed companies and the winners.

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