MENGO H2O Hunt 2014 – Trailer

Hey guys! It’s another publication of a green event which is just around the corner on 13rd April 2014 at the Square, Publika! This is the first MENGO H2O Hunt 2014 held by the Malaysian Environmental Non-Government Organizations (MENGO) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which is open for all age groups no matter how old or how young you are as long as you are fond of activities like the Amazing Race and you want to know more about water issues which are so closely related to our daily life!

Oh hang on, you have no idea what MENGO is? MENGO is made up of 24 Malaysian environmental non-government organizations including Biji Biji InitiativeBlue Life Ecoservices, Borneo Resources Institute Malaysia (BRIMAS), Camp Borneo, Ecocentric TransitionsEcoKnightsEnvironmental Research and Management Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH)Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM),  Global Environment Centre (GEC) Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS)Malaysian Karst SocietyMalaysian Nature Society (MNS)Malaysian Society of Marine Sciences (MSMS)Partners of Community Organisations (PACOS)Penang Institute Reef Check MalaysiaSabah Wetlands Conservation Society (SWCS), Sustainable Development Network Malaysia (SUSDEN), Tatana RootsTRAFFIC Southeast AsiaTreat Every Environment Special Sdn Bhd. (TrEES)Wetlands International (Malaysia)World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia, and Water Watch Penang (WWP). When I saw the website about MENGO for the first time, I was like wow I don’t know that there are so many environmental organizations in Malaysia, this is awesome! So basically MENGO is a grouping of the organizations above under the (Danish International Development Assistance) DANIDA-supported programme for environmental assistance to Malaysia towards the direction of sustainable development.

Back to the main topic! So now we are calling for online registeration of participants for MENGO H2O Hunt 2014! The main purpose of this event is to create awareness of our people about water conservation through this 1.5 kilometres water-based challenge. Before you register for this event, you have to form a group of maximum four members with one leader and at least one of the members should be an adult. You are encouraged to wear blue or green Tshirts (this will contribute 10 points for your team) but you are required to bring 4 litres of water in used mineral water bottles (to avoid your team from being deducted 5 points, haha). This challenge is open for only 50 teams which would stand a chance to win cash or gift vouchers up to RM 500! So be quick! The registration fee for each team is RM 100 and IF you bring along 4 kg of recycable papers or books you can get RM 20 of refund on the same day. You registeration is confirmed once you pay the fee through bank in or cheque.

No more hesitation! Hover your mouse pointer over the link provided above to register with your family and friends! I bet this would be fun! I am really looking forward to your participation and hopefully we would meet there at Publika (remember to look for me among the volunteers there yeah, haha). See you real soon!

Location: Publika Shopping Gallery, No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1 Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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