MESYM to be interviewed on BFM 89.9…

… pretty much now! Today at 2 pm, MESYM’s Jun-E Tan and Leonardo Losoviz will be interviewed live on The Bigger Picture programme, for their section Earth Matters, in BFM 89.9, the Business Station.

What is Earth Matters about?

Climate change, ferocious weather and ‘the haze’ are now part our everyday lives. How are our lifestyles connected to them, and what can we do about it? What does the economy have to do with it? Earth Matters engages with activists and experts to explore our changing relationship with the planet that we only borrow from our children.

Hopefully we’ll be able to share our little bit… so stay tuned!

Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.