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Greetings from Miss Malaysia Earth, we are the only beauty pageant in Malaysia that has the focus on educating and empowering the women and others about the knowledge of natural beauty, sustainability and eco-tourism.

This pageant has been successfully organized and held for 6 consecutive years in Ipoh. It has been served as a platform to educate the finalists to be more environmentally knowledgeable; promote eco-tourism and healthy aspects of friendship among the participating beauty queens. Malaysia Earth has grown to be a proverbial vehicle; capturing the essence of the host city and its way of life through the eyes of these beauties.

Through MESYM, we hope to share to the public of what we do as an NGO, also as a platform to educate the public and spread awareness about  sustainability.

Let’s hear from our previous Miss Malaysia Earth 2013 Winners – their experiences and journeys being the spokespersons of Miss Malaysia Earth.


Josephine Tan (Kuantan, Pahang) – Grand Winner of Miss Malaysia Earth 2013

National Costume for Miss Malaysia Earth 2013 - (Jojo)

National Costume for Miss Malaysia Earth 2013 – (Jojo)

I choose to enter this beauty pageant because I wanted to prove my versatility to myself and everyone that I have what it takes to be a model as well as a beauty queen. I chose Miss Malaysia Earth instead of any other beauty pageant because I hope to help to raise awareness about Malaysia’s environmental issues. In addition, Miss Malaysia Earth is not only searching for queens with beauty but also intelligent ladies with extraordinary factors that would contribute back to the society and be the spokesperson for the mother earth which I think is something very meaningful and I would love to get involve.

After winning the crown, I was given the opportunity to represent Malaysia to participate the national level of Miss Malaysia Earth. This has opened the many doors for me to learn more of how different countries conserve their environment (eg. Philippines, is a country that make green projects as their top national priority). On the other hand, Miss Malaysia Earth has given me the opportunity to get involve in tree-planting projects and other volunteering works to raise funds for the orphanage home.

My environment advocacy is water conservation thus I had made an environmental PSA with focus on spreading my advocacy and the importance of saving the mother earth (especially Malaysia) that could be viewed with the link below.

With the recent water crisis news that had been reported, I hope Malaysia can focus on improving the water conservation policy. We had been through the hardest time and the difficulties with not enough water supplies. Therefore, I hope all of us can appreciate every drop of water.

Tree-Planting activities to raise environmental awareness.

Tree-Planting activities to raise environmental awareness.



Charmaine Loh (Perak, Ipoh) – Miss Malaysia Air 2013

Miss Malaysia Air - Charmaine Loh

Miss Malaysia Air – Charmaine Loh

In June 2013, the air pollution problem was compounded by the burning of forest fires in Indonesia. PETRONAS Twin-Tower was shrouded by the smoky haze. In view of the situation, I started to find interest to learn on how to protect the mother earth as well as empower people around me as well. Thus, I have decided to join Miss Malaysia Earth (organized by Star Avenue) to learn more about the environment and to participate in activities promoting a greener environment.

After winning the crown, I participated in a lot of tree-planting activities, joined charitable organisations, and visited orphanages and Spritzer’s factory. I advocate educating the future generation. Education is the best solution for the environment because those who come after us are the ones who have to preserve the earth in future. I look forward to a brighter day, a day when all of us put our hands together to fight against all the environmental problems and to live better lives.

I advocate for cleaner air. Air is the main element in the environment because it gives us life and it’s what we breathe in. However, air pollution is the biggest environmental issue in Malaysia. To improve the quality of the air we breathe in, we must think about our individual contributions to pollution. Try walking or riding instead of getting a lift in a car. Car-pooling is also a greener alternative.

"IPOH CITY FUN RIDE" - Discover Ipoh Heritage by Cycling

“IPOH CITY FUN RIDE” – Discover Ipoh Heritage by Cycling




Jolene Tan (Selangor) – Miss Malaysia Fire 2013

Miss Malaysia Fire 2013 - Jolene

Miss Malaysia Fire 2013 – Jolene

As an avid world learner, my journey was all started with my curiosity with the world we are living in as I have the thoughts that everything we do be it from saving the animals, plants and Mother Nature, everything we have done thus far, ultimately is for us; saving our lives.

Thus, I took up the studies of Environmental Science and by 2013; I had participated in my first beauty pageant, Miss Malaysia Earth (organized by Star Avenue Production), as this pageant that has the cause I am working on. In addition, this pageant has provided me a platform to understand how community works in conserving the environment.

From participating in tree planting activities, celebrating earth hour, charity works to visiting Spritzer’s factory; I was also given opportunity to be a spokesperson for Miss Malaysia Earth and that allows me to get to go further and intern for Ecoknights. In July 2014, Miss Malaysia Earth has invited Ecoknights (the organization I interned with) to give an environmental talk to educate the finalists.

Not only was it a rewarding session to all of us but to also gave us a reality check. Issues being shown and shared was mostly related to the unresolved issues in Malaysia (for example, tiger poaching, deforestation, irresponsible stakeholder(s) in handling the environment, communication breakdown among the stakeholder(s) and indigenous issue happened in Mantanani).

Malaysia main environmental issues would be us as a sustainable consumer. We literally used up 240 litres of water a day compared to Thailand 90 litres and Singapore 160 litres per day. On the bright side, we have our amazing creative brains and talents to find ways to live more sustainably. It doesn’t have to be dull, boring and unfunny ways to live our lives. There are many rooms for improvement. =)

Organic Mango Tree-Planting Activity

Organic Mango Tree-Planting Activity

Juara Turtle Conservation Project in Pulau Tioman.

Juara Turtle Conservation Project in Pulau Tioman.


Stephanie Wong (Kuching, Sarawak) – Miss Malaysia Eco-tourism

Miss Malaysia Eco-Tourism 2013

Miss Malaysia Eco-Tourism 2013

First of all, I would like to thank Star Avenue for giving me the opportunity to join Miss Malaysia Earth. I am proud to hold this crown as this pageant has conducted many environmental-related activities that allow me to learn to be more environmentally savvy such as keep-in-check with my personal carbon-footprints.

My environmental advocacy is related to issues that Malaysia is facing recently which is the water crisis. Water rationing was something that happens in Klang Valley years back in 1998. Back then, it was blamed on the phenomenon. Today, Klang Valley residents are experiencing a water rationing exercise once more. Evidence shows that there is no global weather pattern to pin the blame, but the uncontrolled development is perhaps part of the reason for the water shortage.

In Negeri Sembilan, the 7 reservoir dams in the state suffered insufficient water level. More than 8000 homes were affected in that area. Even in east Malaysia, some area also suffered for water shortage. We Malaysian should do our part in conserving water, because when we conserve water we converse life. Reduce water consumption will definitely help to solve the water crisis that we are facing today. The fate of our mother earth lays in each of everyone hands, make amend for better future.

Eco Car Wash Charity

Eco Car Wash Charity




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