On Toilets: how a small thing makes a huge difference

I just came back from a trip to Japan, and among the many things there that blew up my mind, I wanted to show you this one: Their residential toilets fill up the tank with water coming in from outside the tank, allowing the happy toilet user to wash his/her hands with the same water that will be used to flush next time. So practical, so ingenious, yet so simple! I haven’t seen a toilet like this yet in Malaysia, I wonder why we don’t have them, they don’t seem to be more expensive than a “normal” toilet. So here the pics, enjoy!

japan-toilet-1 japan-toilet-2 japan-toilet-3 japan-toilet-4 japan-toilet-5

(Funny) Bonus

This is not simple or even a good idea to have at home, but who knows, maybe more extravagant people have weird needs for their toilets, so the Japanese also came up with the Goalkeeper Toilet! Enjoy:


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