Pandora’s Promise discussion with Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy and Matthias Gelber

In our MESYM Documentary Night last Tuesday we had the avant premiere in Malaysia of Pandora’s Promise. This film forms part of the official selection in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, to be held between 11th and 13th October.

Since its release last June, Pandora’s Promise has been stirring debate in the United States concerning the issue of nuclear power, with a very clearly defined pro-nuclear stance. The issue of nuclear power is also a hot topic here in Malaysia, since the Federal Government is considering building two nuclear power plants, so this film will presumably stir the debate also here.

MESYM invited Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy, a prominent advocate against nuclear energy, to comment on the movie and to provide a Malaysian perspective on this issue. We also had Matthias Gelber, also known as the Green Man, joining us and taking part in the discussion.

Below are the videos with the post-film discussion with Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy and Matthias Gelber. To make it easier to watch, it has been split into several videos, each concerning a different topic. For everyone who has not watched the movie yet, please click here to watch the trailer and synopsis of the film.


Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy, on the film and the issue of nuclear power in Malaysia

Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy has bombarded the ethics of the movie, characterizing it as propaganda, designed to misguide the public into forming an opinion with untrue information.

Among other things, he said:

Very sleek film.

They said things which are not true, and they’ve left out things that are true.

Nuclear energy is not the answer to climate change. Renewable energy is the answer.

We are living unsustainable lives today.

There is poverty not because of the lack of energy. There is poverty because of the huge inequality gap. Unfettered capitalism.

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Matthias Gelber, on the transition to renewable energy in Malaysia

Why Sweden is the model to follow in the transition to renewable energy

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How is solar power affordable in Malaysia

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Petition to stop nuclear plants in Malaysia

Dato’ Dr. Ronald S. McCoy is sharing a petition to stop the installation of the two nuclear plants in Malaysia.

Aimed at:

  • Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • the Members of Cabinet
  • National Energy Commission.

Text of the petition:

We, the undersigned, say ‘NO’ to the Malaysian government’s plans to build nuclear powerplants (NPPs), because we are concerned about the health, environmental and security risks fromnuclear waste, nuclear accidents, nuclear terrorism and nuclear war. Malaysia’s substandardmaintenance culture and defective corporate and institutional governance could lead tocatastrophic nuclear accidents. At a time when many countries are struggling to overcomenational debt and the global economy is facing a financial crisis and the threat of economicrecession, the Malaysian government must act prudently and avoid the trap of investing limitedresources in nuclear energy, recognised as a proven failing economic enterprise, marked by theescalating costs of building new nuclear power plants, high insurance premiums, and the cost ofdecades-long decommissioning.


Click here to download the full petition.

Pandora’s False Promises, a backlash response to the film

There has been wide criticism of the film. In particular, the website Beyond Nuclear has made a thorough analysis, pointing out all misleading information given in the film.

In addition, the video below shows a very heated discussion between Robert Stone, the director of Pandora’s Promise, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and environmental activist from the United States. Even though it’s slightly long (roughly 1 hour), it is really worth watching. Click here to read the whole story.

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