(Petition) Tell Nestle: Stop Privatizing Our Water Resources / (请愿书) 告诉雀巢公司: 别将我们的水资源占为己有

Please sign the following petition organized by “Story of Stuff”:

Tell Nestlé that we have a right to water. Stop locking up our resources!


The residents in Mecosta County, Michigan embarked a lawsuit with Nestle that lasted years – That was not the first time Nestle was being sued, as of 2008, Nestle was being sued in 5 states in the US.

Local residents sued Nestle for massive pumping of their local water for huge profit, which damaged the aquifer, lakes, rivers, ecosystem & agriculture…

Even though back then the judge had ordered Nestle to stop pumping water, Nestle manipulated the law and continue to forcefully pumping the water…

美国密西根州 Mecosta County 的居民与Nestle公司爆发了一场长达数年的官司 — 这并不是 Nestle 第一次被告,至 2008 年为止,Nestle 已被美国 5 州控告。

当地居民指控 Nestle 大量抽取当地水源牟暴利,破坏地下水层、湖河、生态与农业…

当时法官已判决并下令 Nestle 停止抽水,但是 Nestle 操弄法律,继续以强硬的手段来抽水…

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