Please help us win SGD5,000 for our terrapin project!

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia is in the running to win “Good Story of the Year 2016” and a prize money of SGD5,000 (~RM15,500) to kick start our terrapin conservation project in 2017.

Being a new-ish and fledgling NGO, we are constantly raising funds for our projects, and in order to more for the terrapins and the local community, we need the prize money.

Here’s a 3-min video on one aspect of the work that we do, which involves the participation of the local community:

You could help make this a reality by voting for us here ( We’d also appreciate it if you’d forward this message to your friends/contacts and encourage them to help a local NGO and our conservation initiatives.

Thank you so much!

P/S: Voting closes at 10:00 am (GMT +8) on Tuesday, 27th December 2016.

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