ROL Public Outreach Program: Online Photography Contest

Terms and Conditions

Rules & Regulations

  1. “Contest” refers to Sg. Klang – My Living River Photography Contest.
  2. “Entrant(s)” refers to anyone who submits photographs to the Contest website and agrees to these rules and regulations.
  3. “Organiser” refers to the Contest organising committee and employees of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID), Global Environment Centre (GEC) Malaysia and ERE Consult Sdn Bhd (ERE).
  4. “Judges” refers to appointed Contest judges.


  1. There will be 6 categories for the contest
    Category 1 : Students (Primary)
    Category 2 : Students (Secondary)
    Category 3 : Teachers
    Category 4 : Community River clean-up and rehabilitation
    Category 5 : General Public
    Category 6 : Popular Vote

Eligibility – Entrant

  1. For Category 1 : Students (Primary), the Contest is open to students aged twelve (12) and below from schools in the ROL POP area (as per list in annex 1).
  2. For Category 2 : Students (Secondary), the Contest is open to students aged thirteen (13) and above from schools in the ROL POP area (as per list in annex 1).
  3. For Category 3 : Teachers, the Contest is open to school teachers from schools in the ROL POP area ( as per list inannex 1).
  4. For Category 4 : Community River clean-up and rehabilitation – the Contest is open to any individual or group undertaking river clean up or rehabilitation work in the ROL POP area (as per map in annex 2).
  5. For Category 5 : General Public, the Contest is open to anyone aged eighteen (18) years and above living in Malaysia.
  6. Employees of the DID, GEC, ERE, the Judges and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the Contest.
  7. Entrants must complete the online registration form, provide the correct information and agree to these Rules & Regulations to qualify for the prizes.
  8. Entrants must agree to receive the ROL-POP electronic newsletter and still be receiving the newsletter at the time of prize giving.
  9. Decisions on eligibility will be at the Organiser’s sole discretion.
  10. Entrants are solely responsible for complying with all provincial, national and international laws in regards to this contest, including but not limited to obtaining permission to enter restricted locations, and obtaining relevant permits and licences.

Eligibility – Photographs

  1. Only original photographs of Sg. Klang basin will be considered for this Contest. All photographs should include, for at least part of the image, either the Klang River, tributaries, drains or other water bodies in the Klang Basin. The photographs can be on any aspects of the river and river basin including benefits, problems and solutions to river management, water & food supply, flood, pollution, biodiversity and habitat, recreation & transportation, history, social and religious issues and/or any other related aspects or Best management practices or river clean-up practices. Photographs can be from a positive, neutral or negative angle.
  2. Contestants are required to inform the organisers of the location where their photograph was taken (with GPS point, if available) and the organisers reserve the right to verify the location for shortlisted photographs.
  3. No significant altering of photos (i.e. HDR. Selective colour, etc); minor digital enhancements are allowed.
  4. Entrants may upload up to 5 photographs for submission to the Contest. The 5 photographs can be changed at any time before the closing deadline.
  5. Photographs submitted must ideally be between 300kb to 3Mb in size.
  6. The photographs uploaded for submission must be the work of the individual submitting them and must not have been published elsewhere nor have won, or are currently entered in any other contest. The Entrants must warrant that they own the copyright to all the photographs submitted.
  7. The Organiser may request for high-resolution copies of short listed photographs before or after the Contest period.
  8. Upon submission, the Entrants grant the Organisers (DID, GEC & ERE) and its partners a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to use any of the photographs in any publications, website and other awareness materials. Photographers will be credited together with the organisation (if appropriate).
  9. The Organiser reserves the right to reject photographs deemed offensive, pornographic, indecent, discriminatory or defamatory in nature.
  10. The opening date for submission is 1st May 2013.
  11. The closing date for submission is 31st July 2013.

Popular Vote

  1. The Top 20 chosen photographs selected by the Organiser from the Category 5 : General Public will be posted on the Contest website for the public to vote for their favourite.
  2. Any of the Top 20 photographs shortlisted can win the Popular Vote prizes including photographs that have won the main prizes.
  3. Online voting for the Popular Vote segment starts on 26 Aug 2013 and ends on 15 September 2013.
  4. The entrant that receives the most votes shall be deemed the winner of the Popular Vote’s Award. In the event of a draw, the panel appointed for first 3 categories shall decide, at its sole discretion, the winner of the Popular Vote’s Award.

Winners & Prizes

  1. The Organiser shall at its sole and absolute decision shortlist the winners based on the following criteria: visual appeal, subject matter, creativity and originality. The winners will be judged on creativity, subject matter and merit by a panel of Judges.
  2. Finalists will be notified via email and/or telephone. Results will also be posted on the Contest website by 25th September 2013.
  3. Finalists should attend a prize giving ceremony on 29th September 2013.
  4. All non-cash prizes are non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash. Prizes will be deemed forfeited if not collected by 31st December 2013.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to publish or display the winning photograph, name, school and location of residence of the winners of the Contest for advertising and publicity purposes.
  6. Each Entrant may only win one prize with the exception of the Popular Vote prizes.
  7. The prizes for the winners are worth more than RM10,000 in cash and in prizes (cameras and book vouchers).
  8. All cash and non-cash prizes are from organisers and their sponsors


  1. The Organiser reserves the right to amend, delete or add any Rules and Regulations from time to time without prior notice.
  2. Winners and entrants agree to indemnify the Organiser. Contest partners and others associated with the development and execution of this Contest from any and all legal claims, actions, proceedings, and liability arising from and in connection with the Contest.


More than RM10,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won!

Category 1 : Students (primary)

Category 2 : Students (secondary)

Category 3 : Teachers

Category 4 : Community River clean-up and rehabilitation

Category 5 : General Public

Category 6 : Popular Vote

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