Sabah’s shame

The economy of Sabah, Malaysia, relies heavily on wildlife and yet this is another (only the latest one) example of how Sabah’s government and wildlife department pay lip service to protecting animals in zoos and as well as what’s left in the wild.

Sabah’s shame!

How can a zoo be permitted by the Sabah Wildlife Department to become this bad?

Inside the ‘Zoo from Hell’: A schoolboy kicks a frightened monkey’s tiny metal cage as a crocodile languishes in a concrete pool of its own urine, fed on dead dogs

We have seen a lot of bad zoos in Malaysia, but this one is currently the worst. It wasn’t long ago we also reported on the equally shocking crocodile farm in Sabah.

  • Lok Kawi Zoo remains an embarrassment to Sabah.
  • The Shangri-La Resort is allowed to keep and profit from baby orangutans – a ‘protected’ species.
  • The rhino is going extinct.
  • Turtles are massacred and no one prosecuted.
  • Elephants are poisoned en-masse and – no one was ever prosecuted.
  • etc.

Is there still worse to be revealed? Hmmnn.

Victims of the wildlife trade.

This, in a country that promotes itself as an environmental paradise.

Faced with starving as well as thirsty animals the NGO went and bought food and water to provide them with their first meal and drink in days. The food and water provisions were repeated for a second day. What’s happening to the animals now? Ask Minister Masidi Manjun


Minister Masidi Manjun: You can look the other way, but you can never say you did not know – or have been told countless times about the relentless abuse of wildlife in Sabah, can you?

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