Send your email for a Haze-free Southeast Asia

Send your email for a Haze-free Southeast Asia :

Dear Mr. Joko Widodo,
President of Republic Indonesia

Southeast Asia is bracing for the annual smoke haze as Indonesia’s peat forests begin to burn again. But this time, Mr President, you’re in a position to help us say: NO MORE HAZE!

I thank you for your promise to prevent the fires, made on 27 November 2014, during your Blusukan visit to Riau – the ground zero of peat forest fires in Indonesia.

I urge you, Sir, to stay true to your promise by extending and strengthening the moratorium to protect remaining forests and peatlands, and by reviewing existing concessions.

I’m waiting for you to act to realize your promise, and make a real difference to the health of the people of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

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