Separate Kerbside recycling collection in Malaysia – Issues and Challenges. (By Jaron Keng, Green and Blue Group)

Remembering last year 10/11/2012 when Green and Blue Group organized a seminar on the issues and challenges of separating kerbside recycling collection in Malaysia (VIEW HERE) Being a waste management consultant, Jaron Keng gave a good comprehensive overview of the current waste collection system in Malaysia, and parties involved in recycling in Malaysia, and proposing the strategies towards formal recycling.


The present crowd at the seminar, Jaron at the far left of the picture.

A healthy discussion was brought as well, thanks to the diversified crowd ranging from students to waste management contractors, sadly we had no governmental representative though to clear up a lot of doubts. The objective of the seminar was to discuss about the strategy toward formal separate recycling collection in Malaysia, and to connect the government sector with the local recycling industry and to look into the possibility of Green and Blue, as a non governmental, non profit & non charity organization to collaborate with government sector.

Thank you again Jaron for inviting MESYM to the seminar and best of all, sharing the powerpoint slides Here, we highly encourage you to take some time to look into these presentations, a very comprehensive yet in detail information of the current waste management or recycling scene in Malaysia. Visit Green and Blue Group HERE


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