Tasik Chini Fieldwork 2014

Personally I am exposed to the environmental issues more since I entered the Faculty of Environmental Studies in University Putra Malaysia. Me and my coursemates learnt and are still learning a lot of things that normally people would not know or care about. Maybe some of us were chosen to take this course without our own will but as time passed we became conscious about the environmental issues because we know what really happen around us and see what is usually unseen. This knowledge should be spreaded to the public instead of keeping them to ourselves and leaving them behind after the exams.

Here are the ‘table of content’ of posts regarding this fieldwork that I have posted before:

Thank God that I finished all the posts. Sorry if the posts are not detailed enough or are confusing. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt. Paying attention to all of the sessions are really tiring as I tried hard to remember and absorb what has been taught hands-on at the site. Experience is always much more precious than knowledge within finger tips. Just like the subject ‘Man and Environment’ taught by Dr. Mohd Yusoff last semester, this subject is another eye-opener, it inspires and motivates us besides giving us an idea what we are going to face in the future in these various sub-fields of environmental studies. Knowing what we want to do in the future is important for us to have a direction to fight for. For me, well, there is still no fixed point for my future path. I am looking forward to Environmental Forensics and Environmental Law though, just a prediction as I find myself interested in environmental justice. But then, I found that Environmental Law is not included in our syllabus for Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology (uh oh…).Anyway, I place my trust in God’s hands as He know what is the best for me. Now, all I have to do is study. Ok, just kidding, haha. It is impossible for me just to study without other spices in life, right? I want to enjoy my life as an independent university environmental student and share my thoughts to others. May God bless everyone of us. Amen.

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