The End of the Line discussion with Gan and Nadiah from WWF

In our MESYM Documentary Night last night we watched The End of the Line, a documentary which  illustrates the disastrous effects of overfishing.

MESYM invited Mr Gangaram Pursumal and Ms. Nadiah Rosli, both from WWF-Malaysia’s Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme, to discuss the local perspective on overfishing.

Below is the material with the post-film discussion with Gan and Nadiah. For conveniency, it has been split into 1 video featuring Gan’s comments on the documentary “The End of the Line”, and a podcast (audio only) with the Q&A concerning Malaysia’s current status about overfishing and what WWF Malaysia is doing about it.

Gan’s remarks on The End of the Line

Gan and Nadiah’s Q&A with attendees about the overfishing situation in Malaysia

Bonus: pics from the event

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