Use carpool to avoid freeze of traffic in Rainy season

If you claim to have never been stuck in the rush hour traffic, you probably aren’t from Delhi NCR. Smart NCR works around the concept of carpooling, bringing fellow commuters to use the GreenCar India carpool service. It also allows users to reach out to each other and share vehicles to common destination.

India needs every citizen’s help to bring down the dangerously high air pollution level it is currently at. It is our civic duty to do as much as we can, at an individual level, to reduce the damage done to our environment on a daily basis.

The traffic congestion is getting worse every day and the rising fuel cost is adding to the higher vehicle ownership as well. With all these factors, the daily commute for an average office goer is becoming an unpleasant and hectic experience. Most of the people today are suffering Traffic Stress Syndrome, resulting in unnecessary honking, rash driving, road rage and accidents.

On Thursday last week in Delhi NCR, thousands of employees and other commuters were stucked in Gurgaon as heavy rains led to waterlogging on National Highway-8. This has led to massive traffic jams near Hero Honda chowk to sohna road. With the result of this authorities forced to declare a holiday on saturday also shut down schools and few offices.

Many motorists deserted their vehicles and walk through knee-deep water which caused on both the carriageways of Delhi-Jaipur road, bringing traffic to a standstill, with the tailback extending up to 15-20 kilometers.

Overnight rains in NCR has also left the Faridabad – Gurgaon highway battling traffic jams, waterlogged roads and flooding on thursday night. The incessant rains saw several areas of the city inundated with water.

To avoid traffic and heavy Jams people can use GreenCar India carpooling service. Since, carpooling is one of the economic ways of contributing to this cause, we urge you to support the cause and help us help the country.

Being the only NGO in India to provide such a platform, it is our duty to propagate carpooling or sharing ride as a pocket-friendly and safe way of contributing to our economy and positively impacting our environment.

We are an environmentally conscious NGO that provides safe carpooling solutions with the aim of reducing the burden on the environment and the economy.


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