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The Fight Must Go On

(c) Tan Tihn Chern

Vote NOW to help save our tigers here!

Hi all,

From 9 – 23 March 2015, MYCAT’s Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT), the only programme in Malaysia that enables volunteers to help protect tigers from poaching (the main threat they face) will be taking part in an international voting process organised by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)The project with the most votes will win a grant.
For CAT, this means EUR30,000 to expand the programme, bringing more watchful eyes to the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor in Pahang! Spare a minute to save Malaysia’s Tigers, our Harimau Malaya, with your vote!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Vote here for Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT)! Only one vote is allowed per electronic device so make sure your cookies are enabled. 

2. If you have a Facebook account, click join at this event page (to help us track the number of people reached) and invite all your friends to join and vote. 

“It seems that the presence of citizen conservationists has reduced poaching activity as we are now seeing more wildlife signs in the corridor. If one day we find tiger pugmarks (footprints) in the corridor, it will be a dream come true,” said Suzalinur Manja Bin Bidin, the CAT Programme Manager.


  • Share the voting website with everyone you know.
  • Share this campaign on FacebookTwitter, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat etc. to spread the word. Send a Whatsapp message to +60176821006 to request an image to share.


  • Gather together some friends, head out (e.g. to an LRT station or a mall) and get people to vote. We’ll send you some flyers to give out!
  • Write to us at for more ideas on what else you can do to help.

5. Learn more about the plight of the Malayan tiger:

  • Read our press release entitled “The fight must go on” here.
  • Download MYCAT Tracks: The Malayan Tiger’s Struggle for Existence here.

This report talks about the past 10 years of tiger conservation efforts in Malaysia. Many of you were a part of it and have been an inspiration to us. Thank you very much for your support.

Warm regards, MYCAT Secretariat’s Office

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