Weekenders’ Reach: Project Banner For Homeless

So looks like we have done with GE13! Where we, still have a lot of banners lying around the streets and staining the landscape and streetscape. yikes! Anyways we have spotted a good initiative from a few people here! Read up!

Salam all,

Weekenders want to re-use the GE13 banners (with permissions) to make:

1. Convertible bags that can be turned to a sleeping mat.
2. Pillows.
3. (ni extreme sikit but it’ll be very interesting if we can pull it off) Movable home.

So, how can you join this project?

A. You can help collect the banners and flags. Kumpul dulu then we’ll let you know where we’ll gather the stuffs.


B. You can help design/buat prototype berserta it’s blueprints for #1 #2 and #3.


C. You/your mum/your wife/your husband (husband? hehe) can help with the stitching of the items kita nak produce nanti bila prototype and blueprints dah siap.


D. You can help with the distribution of the items in a date we’ll set in June nanti.

So boleh pilih nak buat A B C or D or nak buat semua2.

We don’t want your money, but we want you to be part of this project to help the homeless and make Earth a greener place to live in. 🙂

Say NO to wasted banners,
Hisham Mahir
Go Weekenders!

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