What do you think of the Ulu Muda Forest?

The Greater Ulu Muda Forest complex is a group of seven areas of forest in Kedah State, Malaysia. It contains over 160,000 hectares of primary and secondary forest, approximately half of the forest cover in all of Kedah! The forest hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many vulnerable and endangered species such as  the Malayan Tapir, the Clouded Leopard and the Plain-pouched Hornbill.

Despite this, the forest is still classified as “Production” forest which means that parts of it can be, and are, ‘selectively’ logged.

Please take this short survey to help me complete a report (for my Master’s thesis at Imperial College London) that will document the services that this forest provides and hopefully help to better inform decision makers.


This survey has already been posted elsewhere on the site. If you have already done it then thank you, but please don’t repeat it.

Many thanks!

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