What you can do as a Malaysian to save the Selangor Forest Reserve Authors

Malaysian Nature Society

“Know nature, value nature and act for nature”

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is Malaysia’s largest and oldest non-government environmental organisation. The genesis of our society predates our country’s independence- a group of British expatriates deeply interested in our country’s lush natural heritage decided that the abundant collection ... Read more

Advocacy Biodiversity Education Public awareness

TrEES Treat Every Environment Special

Objectives Empowering diverse communities to protect and conserve the environment. Treat Every Environment Special Sdn Bhd. (TrEES) is a local non-profit environment organisation established in February 1995. With over thirteen years of experience working on environmental issues, TrEES believes in e... Read more


WWF Malaysia

We are a Malaysian organisation affiliated with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the international conservation organisation.

About WWF-Malaysia: WWF-Malaysia (World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia), the national conservation trust, currently runs more than 90 projects covering a diverse range of environmental protection work. Since 1972, WWF-Malaysia has worked on important conservation projects, from saving endangered spec... Read more

Gene Harn

Gene Harn is currently working as a Green Building Consultant, based in Kuala Lumpur. Also he is doing his Master in Science of Architecture, Sustainable design where his thesis speaks about the usage of daylight and task light in work spaces in the tropics, where he tries to argue that it will be e... Read more

Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots

MESYM.com is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.