Where do Bananas come from?

Alright, alright, before you get started, I am aware that the website I am about to show you is an obvious marketing ploy.

It is, however, a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking marketing ploy – showing the consumer where their bananas come from.

Dole Earth was brought to my attention by a tiny sticker with a farm code on my newly purchased bananas. 10332, visit my farm! I could not say no to this offer, and entered the website with rather low expectations.

What I found on the website was a lot of information about the farm where these bananas grew, as well as a lovely video tour through the entire process of growing bananas. Throughout the process they tell us how they are trying to be sustainable, and while the use of plastic bags as well as tons of water for the growth of bananas does not seem very sustainable, they do explain what they are trying to do about it.

The most fascinating aspect of my visit to this website was the thoughts that appeared – why is it not possible to see where everything I consume comes from? Bananas are one of the most simple things that I consume, and yet the banana goes through so many processes that I had no idea about. How many processes did my water glass go through? My table plant? The paper for my books? The computer that I am using to type this at?

It is fascinating how little we consider these things in our daily lives, and I think that the Dole website does a nice job in bringing the consumer a tiny bit closer to the product.