Workshop to teach the public on how to treat their household waste.

Grass is an abundance source of waste material around the city and urban area. Many tend to just threw it and let it decompose at backyard or roadside pending to the authority to pick it up.

Not many people know that grass cutting is a very because they break down very quickly and are great organic mulch. Mulch made from grass clippings is good for your lawn because they will provide about 25% of the lawn’s fertilizer needs in a natural, cheap organic method.


To Earth With Love (TEWL) constantly having workshop to teach the public on how to treat their household waste. It is important to know our waste production and manage it carefully. Our workshop will be held twice a month from 2pm to 4pm, Sunday at Luyang Composting Center. Please look below to schedule of our workshop.

EAC – 7 and 21 July 2013
YMM – 4 and 18 Aug 2013
MBS – 8 and 22 Sep 2013
SBEU – 6 and 20 Oct 2013

Join us and Learn how to make our environment free from harmful food and organic waste.



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