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11.11.2017 Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar 14th Anniversary Charity Dinner

11.11.2017 Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar 14th Anniversary Charity Dinner
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charity-dinner-2 charity-dinner

PASS will organising the 14th Anniversary Charity Dinner.
Therefore we would like to appeal for kind donation from your esteem company.

If your company interested to by the table please fill up the form and email back to us the from with bank in slip.


Donate cash as little as RM10 to the Account below :
Bank            : Hong Leong Bank
Account No : 06400064743
Name           : Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar

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Study Aid For Poor Pupils Nationwide 2017

Our Children Are Our Future

Our Children Are Our Future


Study Aid For Poor Pupils Nationwide 2017 is an initiative by Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar to help needy pupils who come from poor family, broken family, single mother and etc in Malaysia.

Everyone can donate to minimum RM 10 by contact our administration office at 03-9021 1888 or bank in to Hong Leong Bank Account ( Account no : 06400064743). Donors giving from RM10.00 and above will be issued an official receipt. Records of donors and beneficiaries will be fully displayed in the website and annual bulletin. The accounts will be audited by a renowned audit firm to declare absolute transparency and accountability to gain public confidence in our charity.

All proceeds from Study Aid Campaign 2017 will be distribute to selected schools starting December 2017 to help students when schools open on January 2018.



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Green Food Bank Project

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We are establishing Green Food Bank as part of our CSR to sustainable development in the country. It is basic human right to access to basic amenities that harmonize with environment. 

Green Food Bank is an interactive logistic platform to synchronized related government agencies, NGO and social enterprise to efficiently bring changes to the society and environment by improving the economy condition of the needy with various systematic mechanism and system in achieving its periodically defined visions& missions.

Green Food Bank (GFB) serve as a logistic to redistribute within the food supply-chain from farmers, food manufacturers, wholesalers, grocery, restaurants& general public to needy in effort to have a more equality in food distribution while reduce food waste which is more than 50% of municipal solid waste treatment. 

Additionally, we introduce green technology in effort to create extra income for the needy, as a permanent career or business and awareness in public to switch fossil fuel dependence products and consumption that harm to environment to a more environmental friendly, cradle-to-cradle preferred approach in daily living. 

More than a quarter of ugly food is wasted because of the cosmetic standard required by major supermarket which perfectly fine for consumption. Wrong labeling/ packaging, overproduction, unfavorable public taste, wrong ingredients, near expiry date and for some others reason business within food supply-chain is dumping the is still edibles will be potential revenue for food sourcing program. 

GFB also seek public involvement in shaping a more equal food distribution between the rich and poor. Reducing food waste also means reduce cost of solid waste treatment& carbon emission ensued as well as tax payer’s money for the matter. 30% of this food waste can not only be divert to hungry stomach but at the same time fighting the poverty and strengthen our social fabric. 

Above all, a sustainable approach is to eat where food is grown. Food inflation is among the highest consumer’s items worldwide including Malaysia. Growing food locally especially at individual residence or workplace will not only reduce the food miles, food waste, refrigeration, artificial chemicals, biodiversity& deforestation as a result of mass farming, fertilizer leakage, water pollution but also have healthier food that are 70% to 90% less water footprint& carbon footprint that otherwise produced by mass farming method especially those imported from far distances.   

This is to bring sanity back to human being where food is originally grown& shared within a few steps away of our surrounding. It was free and largely available like the air we breath until human start………!!

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Why carpooling has endless benefits for car owner and co rider

Why carpooling has endless benefits for car owner and co rider
Project Volunteer!
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When 2 or more people share the same vehicle to commute somewhere, saving petrol and money. Now a days carpooling is not unknown anymore and the trend is achieving new level of success everyday. This trend is catching up fast in youth and office employees.

And there have to be more than one benefits of it. Here are some of them:

1.Saves Fuel: Many campaigns started against overuse of fuel. This precious resource are running out from this planet.While many efforts have been made to overcome the crisis on a amaleer or large level, carpooling is providing to be the most effective of themall.While 2 and more people share rides when traveling in a common direction, this trend is saving tons of fuel.
2. Shared Cost: Carpooling not only saves fuel but also lower the travelling cost. When you carpool all expenses shared equally by the participating individuals.

3. Make Friends: This is one of the most sought after benefits ofcarpooling.When you pick a ride that suits your need then the best part is you met with a new people. Now go ahead and make some new friends.

4. Saves Time: Carpooling is taking over most metropolitian cities today.Recently Gurgaon traffic police setting aside a separate lane for those who were carpoolinng at the toll booth. if there will be less cars on road there will be less traffic and more the time saved.



Join GreenCar NGO initiative to reduce traffic congestion and pollution on roads. Air pollution effects children’s and infant’s health development. We hope that you will support this initiative.

Visit us:

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Crowdsourcing for ‘Tracking Asia’s Fish Bombers – A Documentary’

Talented filmmaker and marine conservationist Leong Hon Yuen has spent 2 years making a documentary about fish-bombing in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, off Semporna. She’s almost done but needs a last push of funds to complete the documentary, which is why she is turning to crowd-sourcing.

As we know, fish-bombing destroys coral reefs and is dangerous to humans too. Enforcement is difficult because it’s impossible to pin-point where the bombing occurs. Hon Yuen’s documentary has been following the development and implementation of a ‘listening device’ project that would solve that.

Tracking Asia's Fish Bombers Documentary - bombed fish - pic by Ken Fong

Tracking Asia’s Fish Bombers Documentary – bombed fish – pic by Ken Fong

At the same time, she covers the issues surrounding fish-bombing.

Now she needs to return to the dangerous Semporna area to finish the final bit of filming.

Do help her out at

Her profile is at


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