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Volunteers needed for Earthship Malaysia!


Join this unparalleled project to recycle over 700 tyres, thousands of cans and bottles to build the most sustainable building in Malaysia. Together with the Temuan community in Negeri Sembilan, Build for Tomorrow will be building a community centre and two dome-shaped houses in Negeri Sembilan. This self-sustainable building will feature renewable energy, rain harvesting system,water filtration and recycling systems, sewage treatment on site and passive cooling design. The project started on 26th September and will go on for an estimated period of three months.

35481e26-bf57-4bf5-9e2e-43b35a7bdbd7Meet Leton and his family.  He and other members of the community will be building with us learning how to replicate such sustainable and affordable Earthship-inspired homes.

39178dfb-3b3f-422e-9d0b-295d95d00aa4Learn, directly from experienced Earthship builders, how to turn 700 tires into a temperature-efficient, earthquake-proof structure.

Support the project and sign up as a Volunteer here!

For more information, checkout our Facebook, Instagram and website!

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Eco Green Builder

FREE Solar for Community – School, Place of Worship & Care Center

FREE Solar for Community – School, Place of Worship & Care Center
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Eco Green Builder have launched this CSR project together with investor. 12kWp Solar PV System(worth RM85k) will be install for FREE to community that fall in these category:
  1. School (Non-profit School)
  2. Worship Place – Mosque, Temple, Church & etc
  3. Care Center – Orphanage, Old folks home & etc

Under the government agency SEDA, the electricity will be sell to TNB with the Feed-in Tariff mechanism for 21 years. The profit will be shared among investor and the respective community.

YEAR 0 to YEAR 10 – 20% to Community, 80% to Investor; YEAR 11 to YEAR 21 is 50% Community, 50% to Investor.

*Deadline for application is 15 August 2015. All applications are subject to quota availability. All the applicant must be the owner of the land. Roof space about 1000sqft not shaded.

Help us by sharing the News!


We install free solar for School, Worship Place & Care Center

We install free solar for School, Worship Place & Care Center

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Water4Power – Generating Sustainable Electricity in the Bornean Interior

Water4Power – Generating Sustainable Electricity in the Bornean Interior
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Help us reach our target!


A group of 20 student volunteers from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus along with medics and engineers have come together for the greater good to implement the Water4Power project organized by Engineers Without Borders, Malaysia (EWB-Malaysia).


Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of underprivileged community through sustainable engineering solutions. Our vision is to provide access to basics namely water, food, shelter, energy, education and healthcare to all Malaysians. Water 4 Power focuses on providing lighting and electricity to the Bidayuh community of Kampung Sapit, Sarawak.


The Orang Asal of Kampung Sapit, Sarawak is very much dependant on diesel generators as the main source for electricity. This mode of energy supply is not only costly to the local aborigines, but degrading to the environment as well. Thus, Water4Power initiates to build a micro-hydro generator as an alternative for more sustainable electricity supply solution. Other than that, we are also addressing the importance of education, healthcare and waste management to the local community.


To support this humble initiative, visit our page at or contact for more details.

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[Warriors Needed] – Malaysia’s 1st Meat-Free Lifestyle Platform

[Warriors Needed] – Malaysia’s 1st Meat-Free Lifestyle Platform
Project Volunteer!
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about-1 is Malaysia’s (and the world’s) first meat-free lifestyle platform, offering a unique and compassionate angle towards promoting restaurants and cafes, with the primary objectives of saving animals, health, environment and money.

Restaurants are provided with an attractive showcase of their vegetarian offerings, and a hassle-free system for food lovers to obtain immediate discounts for meat-free meals. Savings are doubled if shared on social media to promote the welfare causes. Other features include social profiles, food photo sharing, location-specific restaurant search and Superhero achievements.

We are seeking passionate team members to join us in our welfare causes to improve animal and human lives. Animal welfare warriors are needed to help invite restaurants and cafes on board to feature meat-free meals and encourage more people to enjoy vegetarian dining. It is completely free for F&Bs to join, with no setup fees or deal commission.  Team members are provided with allowances and sign up fees for each recruited restaurant. is operated by, Malaysia’s largest animal welfare portal and a registered NGO.

For more information, please contact us at:



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‘Waste to Wealth” project by EcoSolution

“WASTE TO WEALTH” is one of project under Student-Initiated Environmental Project Competition that known as a SIEPC. This project are planned by a EcoSolution group that consisted of three students from different faculty in University Putra Malaysia, whose are Fitryaliah binti Mohd Shahli and Mas Izzuawanie binti Abdul Hamid from Faculty Environmental Studies and Nur Hidayah binti Musa from Faculty of Biotechnology.

Nowadays, as we know, cooking oils are widely used in Malaysia especially in preparing food. Did you realize that there are almost 12 gallon liters of cooking oil are generated from each home per year? Used cooking oils are usually being disposed directly to the sink or drains. This bad habit of disposal can cause waste to congeal and block public sewers. The backed-up sewage can then spill into rivers and streams. Untreated sewage effluent and waste oil in the water causes oxygen levels to drop drastically, sewage fungus covers the bed of the watercourse like a blanket and in more severe cases the river can no longer support fish, insects and animals that live in and around the water. Used cooking oils from commercial premises be disposed of with the general waste or discharged to the sewer. Due to this issue, we are trying to initiate simple project to recycle the used cooking oil into beneficial product. Therefore, we believed that this project can change the perspectives of people about waste and it’s possibility to be commercialize.

What we going to do are we collect the used cooking oil from the outlet and the home and we make it commercialize product, which is attractive candle, from the used cooking oil. We are given one month to do this project. Our objectives are:

• To reduce the amount of used cooking oil that will be discharge directly into the drain.
• To create awareness among UPM people especially food seller.
• To educate the people about proper management of used cooking oil.
• To prevent environmental pollution.
• To enhance the creativity to create a new high value product from waste.

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The Green Arrow Project

The Green Arrow Project is one of the student-initiated project under the Student-Initiated Environmental Projects Competition. It is a project that promotes recycling among the students through the production of the Portable Recycling Bag.

Even in UPM Serdang Campus there were still many recyclable materials that were simply thrown in a normal thrash bin. Some were not even thrown in any bin. The Portable Recycling Bag was aimed to provide leverage to the students to ease them in practicing recycling habits. The presence of the bag also help apprehend one of the common problem in recycling which is a limited number of recycling bin. Through the usage of the bag, the students can keep some of the most valuable recyclable materials such as aluminium tin cans and plastic bottles in a convenient compartment in the bag. Plus, the Portable Recycling Bag was also aimed to bring the students closer to the usage of green products in their lifestyle.

The Objectives

1. To provides a new tools for recycling

2. To encourage students to approach green products

3. To advocate the recycling habits among the students



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