Barter to Save our Resources & Reduce Our Waste to the Environment

What is Barter ???

Simple explanation “Barter” means Exchange or Swap items between two parties without using money as a medium of exchange.

What is Barter

Why Barter ???

To Recycle our Money!

By Bartering we can reduce our spending by using our Unused/Unwanted items as a medium of exchange “NOT using our CASH”. Isn’t that what smart people will do 🙂

Besides recycling our resources, Bartering is also a very good way for us to get to know more people with common interests and hobbies. E.g. Book Lovers get to know other readers and Music Lovers, Games, Stamps, Coins & Notes collectors & etc.

So often people said about 3R BUT What does it actually mean???

It meant BARTERING as we BARTER to REDUCE our Waste, let others REUSE it & with no other choice we RECYCLE IT!

BarterIt by is an online platform for you to participate in Bartering & it is a free service to serve our Malaysian community and that’s how it should be!

Beside online Bartering platform we currently also have a monthly “Barter Market + Recycle Activities” event in collaboration with Kechara Earth Project on every 2nd Sunday located at SunwayMas field, PJ from 9.30am to 12noon. 
Please do JOIN us & invite your family & friends to have some fun by BARTERING 🙂

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