Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT)

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Citizen Action for Tigers!

MYCAT initiated the Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) programme in September 2010 to better protect the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor.

The Corridor is a narrow stretch of forests surrounding Sungai Yu, located 15km south of the Taman Negara entrance in Sungai Relau, Pahang. It is the only link connecting the two largest tiger landscapes in Peninsular Malaysia (the Main Range and Greater Taman Negara).

Stateland forests around Sungai Yu provide easy access to interior forests and are vulnerable to poaching pressure as everyone, from local villagers and aboriginal people to foreign agarwood collectors, can enter the forest without a permit. Poachers plan their illegal activities, working extra hard to extract wildlife and timber on weekends and public holidays when wildlife and forestry enforcement personnel are not on duty.

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CAT enables concerned members of the public to do their part for wildlife. The programme started with CAT Walks, whereby volunteer naturalists deter poaching by their mere presence and additional watchful eyes at poaching hotspots on weekends. VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT CONDUCTING PATROLS OR RESEARCH.

If they encounter any suspicious activities, they contact the Wildlife Crime Hotline, managed by MYCAT, and we relay the information to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP).

Following the success of CAT Walks, DWNP endorsed the CAT programme and suggested an expansion of CAT to include Taman Negara. Therefore this year, MYCAT together with DWNP introduces CAT Trailblazer. In Trailblazer, DWNP staff and CAT volunteers backpack the Taman Negara border for up to 5 days. Volunteers essentially assist DWNP staff in maintaining the park border, which is important to prevent illegal encroachment into Taman Negara. They also keep an eye out for illegal activities and document tiger signs.


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Check out for future CAT trips at the Calendar of Events or join our Yahoo e-group / Facebook page. To be sure that you won’t miss the trips, drop an email with your full name and contact number to Together we can help keep Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor and Taman Negara safe for wildlife.

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