Community 4Rs Programme

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Since the programme began in 1995, thousands of tonnes of materials have recycled. The programme is self-sustaining, and more importantly, raises funds for the community including welfare organisations and schools.

Total funds raised for the community to-date RM1,050,000
Total Tonnage Recycled to-date 11,500 tonnes

Under the programme, TrEES works with the community to establish recycling centres that provides the community with easy access to recycling. TrEES has helped to establish more than 100 recycling centres – at retail outlets, charitable organizations and participating schools. TrEES has also helped many private companies to initiate in-house recycling programmes.

The programme is driven in partnership with local councils, recyclers, private companies, charity groups, residents and schools. By working with the different sectors of the community, TrEES has been able to ensure that the programme is self-sustaining.

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