Crowdsourcing for ‘Tracking Asia’s Fish Bombers – A Documentary’

Talented filmmaker and marine conservationist Leong Hon Yuen has spent 2 years making a documentary about fish-bombing in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, off Semporna. She’s almost done but needs a last push of funds to complete the documentary, which is why she is turning to crowd-sourcing.

As we know, fish-bombing destroys coral reefs and is dangerous to humans too. Enforcement is difficult because it’s impossible to pin-point where the bombing occurs. Hon Yuen’s documentary has been following the development and implementation of a ‘listening device’ project that would solve that.

Tracking Asia's Fish Bombers Documentary - bombed fish - pic by Ken Fong

Tracking Asia’s Fish Bombers Documentary – bombed fish – pic by Ken Fong

At the same time, she covers the issues surrounding fish-bombing.

Now she needs to return to the dangerous Semporna area to finish the final bit of filming.

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