Forest Watch Project by Transparency International Malaysia

This information was gathered and published by MESYM from this source.

The Forest Watch Project is launched by Transparency International’s Forest Governance Integrity (FGI) Programme to involve the public to become eyes and ears of the forest by monitoring using Google Earth Geospatial Technology (satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe) to assess forest cover and report irregularities through the site.

Monitoring and Advisory Team of Expert will review the reports and respond. Any irregularities will be addressed immediately to enhance forest governance in Malaysia setting an exemplary precedence in forest management.

The aim of Forest Watch Project is to assist the Government in enhancing forest governance for sustainable management of forestry by monitoring and assessing forest cover to provide reliable data on State Land Forests and Permanent Forest Reserves.

FGI Programme has been organizing capacity building programmes on Forest Monitoring Using Google Earth to enhance public participation in forest management and to promote environmental stewardship. Would like to participate in our programmes?

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