FREE Solar for Community – School, Place of Worship & Care Center

Eco Green Builder have launched this CSR project together with investor. 12kWp Solar PV System(worth RM85k) will be install for FREE to community that fall in these category:
  1. School (Non-profit School)
  2. Worship Place – Mosque, Temple, Church & etc
  3. Care Center – Orphanage, Old folks home & etc

Under the government agency SEDA, the electricity will be sell to TNB with the Feed-in Tariff mechanism for 21 years. The profit will be shared among investor and the respective community.

YEAR 0 to YEAR 10 – 20% to Community, 80% to Investor; YEAR 11 to YEAR 21 is 50% Community, 50% to Investor.

*Deadline for application is 15 August 2015. All applications are subject to quota availability. All the applicant must be the owner of the land. Roof space about 1000sqft not shaded.

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We install free solar for School, Worship Place & Care Center

We install free solar for School, Worship Place & Care Center

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