Green Food Bank Project

We are establishing Green Food Bank as part of our CSR to sustainable development in the country. It is basic human right to access to basic amenities that harmonize with environment. 

Green Food Bank is an interactive logistic platform to synchronized related government agencies, NGO and social enterprise to efficiently bring changes to the society and environment by improving the economy condition of the needy with various systematic mechanism and system in achieving its periodically defined visions& missions.

Green Food Bank (GFB) serve as a logistic to redistribute within the food supply-chain from farmers, food manufacturers, wholesalers, grocery, restaurants& general public to needy in effort to have a more equality in food distribution while reduce food waste which is more than 50% of municipal solid waste treatment. 

Additionally, we introduce green technology in effort to create extra income for the needy, as a permanent career or business and awareness in public to switch fossil fuel dependence products and consumption that harm to environment to a more environmental friendly, cradle-to-cradle preferred approach in daily living. 

More than a quarter of ugly food is wasted because of the cosmetic standard required by major supermarket which perfectly fine for consumption. Wrong labeling/ packaging, overproduction, unfavorable public taste, wrong ingredients, near expiry date and for some others reason business within food supply-chain is dumping the is still edibles will be potential revenue for food sourcing program. 

GFB also seek public involvement in shaping a more equal food distribution between the rich and poor. Reducing food waste also means reduce cost of solid waste treatment& carbon emission ensued as well as tax payer’s money for the matter. 30% of this food waste can not only be divert to hungry stomach but at the same time fighting the poverty and strengthen our social fabric. 

Above all, a sustainable approach is to eat where food is grown. Food inflation is among the highest consumer’s items worldwide including Malaysia. Growing food locally especially at individual residence or workplace will not only reduce the food miles, food waste, refrigeration, artificial chemicals, biodiversity& deforestation as a result of mass farming, fertilizer leakage, water pollution but also have healthier food that are 70% to 90% less water footprint& carbon footprint that otherwise produced by mass farming method especially those imported from far distances.   

This is to bring sanity back to human being where food is originally grown& shared within a few steps away of our surrounding. It was free and largely available like the air we breath until human start………!!