Kemaman River Terrapin Research and Conservation Project

In 2010, we discovered that the critically endangered river terrapins (Batagur affinis) were present in the Kemaman River, and that this information had not been documented before. Needless to say, action to conserve the species was non-existent.

Realizing the importance of saving the terrapin population in the Kemaman River, Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia initiated a River Terrapin Research and Conservation Project in Kemaman in 2011, with the approval and support from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) and the collaboration from villagers of Kg. Tok Kapor, Kg. Pasir Gajah and Kg. Dadong in Kemaman.

Through this project, we have weighed, measured and microchipped 80 female River Terrapins that emerged to nest. We have also documented the average duration each of the nesting process took, and measured and weighed all the eggs and the hatchlings that emerged subsequently.

To date, we have successfully incubated more than 3,000 terrapin eggs and released more than 1,500 terrapin hatchlings into the Kemaman River.

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