Miso Walai Village Homestay

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Miso Walai Homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience the way of life of the local “Orang Sungai” people. There are numerous cultural experiences to be had in simple day-to-day tasks such as eating communally on traditional home-made mats, bathing from a tub, or washing by the river…

Often what makes staying in a local village homestay so special is the village life and the strong sense of community. There are many communal activities carried out on a daily basis such as village sports played in the late afternoon – these have become popular activities with visitors too.Along-side this there are numerous local economic activities such as farming “oil palm” or “fish and prawn trapping on the river” which makes an interesting backdrop to family life, and plenty of amazing tools, stories and things to learn about.

The most popular activities at the village homestays are:

  • Wildlife Observation River Cruises
  • Watching or learning about traditional music and dance•Cooking, or “leaning to cook” traditional local foods.
  • Interpretive walks through local farms and orchards
  • Eating tropical fruits – especially during fruiting seasonStudents and volunteers also often get involved in community projects and English Language tuition at the homestays or at the local village school.

For more information contact Miso Walai Homestay at KOPEL or visit the webpage at http://www.mescot.org/homestay_activities.htm

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