SIEPC 2015 – Ignite the Silver Lining

I have always believed in youth’s potential to make a change towards the community and the environment. We search for our direction, we dream, we let our mind run wild and be so ambitious that people might scoff at us. However, most of the time we are not sure how to do it, or doubt that we can really make it happen the way we want. We have the ideas in our head, but we are afraid to voice it out. We have the time and energy if we really want to put the plan in front of the priority list, but sometimes we lack of the confidence and motivation to take the first step.

It’s time to overcome the fear, my fellow UPM undergraduates!

Student-initiated Environmental Projects Competition 2015 is brought to you by the Faculty of Environmental Studies of University Putra Malaysia in collaboration with MESYM (Malaysian Environmental Sustainability Youth Movement).

It is the FIRST environmental projects competition ever held in UPM for all the undergraduates. Regardless of your faculty or college, you can take part in this competition individually or in a group up to 5 persons! The main objective of this competition is to encourage students to contribute to the environment and the community by raising the environmental awareness of the public using the knowledge we obtain in our own respective field for the sake of our Mother Nature.

With the theme ‘Ignite the Silver Lining’, we hope to pioneer the environmental movements among the students as a support towards the green campus policy of UPM.

The competition goes like this:

REGISTRATION (deadline: 21st March 2015-Saturday)

Get a form during our roadshows (schedule and locations to be announced) or contact the person-in-charged as stated on the poster. There will be two categories: Campus-based or Community-based. Campus-based means you will focus your project inside the campus and the students and staffs of UPM while Community-based means your target will be at outside of campus and the community in Serdang area.

Each participant will be required to pay RM10 as the registration fee which we will utilise in sustaining the whole competition. Remember that the deadline for registration will be on 21st March 2015 (Saturday)! Only the first 20 teams will be qualified to participate! So hurry up!

WORKSHOP (28th March 2015-Saturday)

Having no experience in conducting environmental projects? Not motivated enough? Don’t worry! There will be a workshop being held at the Faculty of Environmental Studies UPM which is compulsory for all participants to take part. That’s the chance you get all the opinions and motivations you need! Our featured speakers:

  • Mr. Matthias Gelber, founder of Eco Warriors
  • Mr. Lim Gene-Harn, green architect
  • Ms. Tan Jun-E, general manager of MESYM

AUDITION (11st April 2015-Saturday)

After the workshop, you will be given two weeks time to prepare a proposal regarding the environmental project you want to do in the form of slideshow. The project can be anything: campaign, exhibition, seminar, charity drive etc., just anything! There is no limitation and you can fully utilise your imaginary and creativity to attract people’s attention towards the environmental issues.

Each group will be given 10 minutes to present your idea to the panels using only 10 slides. 10 finalists will be selected (5 from each group) and be given RM100 as the starter fund for their projects!

SUBMISSION (deadline: 7th May 2015-Thursday)

As soon as the finalists are announced, it’s action time! You have one month to run the project you proposed during the audition using the fund given. All the progress should be recorded in the form of videos. Judgement will be based on a 5-minute video in English (or with English subtitle) that explains the whole idea of your project with the outcome that you have achieved.

Our panel of judges:

  • Mrs. Yasmin Rasyid, president of Eco Knights
  • Mr. Henry Goh, president of Malaysian Nature Society
  • Mr. Leonardo Losoviz, general manager of MESYM

PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY (17th May 2015-Sunday)

As shown in the poster, for each category:

  • First prize – RM700 cash award
  • Second prize – RM500 cash award
  • Third prize – RM300 cash award

It means that five groups will be competing for three prizes for each category! There is no time to waste! Hurry up and grab your friends to form a group! Lets contribute something and play a role to be directly involved in environmental movement! Be the pioneers!

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P/S: The article was taken from Confessions of An Environmental Student.

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