SIEPC 2015 – Ignite the Silver Lining Authors

Xiwen Yeoh

A dedicated environmental science student, an excited blogger and a rebellious young adult.

Hey guys, I’m Xiwen Yeoh aka Wendy from the Faculty of Environmental Studies in University Putra Malaysia!

Wong Zhi Siang Wong

Changing public consumeristic habits and attitude

People should stop supporting goods which produce waste. Aluminium cans, plastic containers and cups, overwrapped products and polystyrene all eventually becomes solid waste floating on sea. Can you imagine all the unrenewable resources mined and consumed, water used in manufacturing process, GHGs e... Read more

Iskandar Mohd Zaidi

“PLAN as if you’ll for a thousand, ACT as if you’ll die tommorrow”

Just a mere human being who cares about the environment.. :)

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