Study Aid For Poor Pupils Nationwide 2017

Our Children Are Our Future

Our Children Are Our Future


Study Aid For Poor Pupils Nationwide 2017 is an initiative by Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar to help needy pupils who come from poor family, broken family, single mother and etc in Malaysia.

Everyone can donate to minimum RM 10 by contact our administration office at 03-9021 1888 or bank in to Hong Leong Bank Account ( Account no : 06400064743). Donors giving from RM10.00 and above will be issued an official receipt. Records of donors and beneficiaries will be fully displayed in the website and annual bulletin. The accounts will be audited by a renowned audit firm to declare absolute transparency and accountability to gain public confidence in our charity.

All proceeds from Study Aid Campaign 2017 will be distribute to selected schools starting December 2017 to help students when schools open on January 2018.



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