Tech Cycle: refurbishment of old digital items for people who most need it

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Who we are

SOLS TECH is a Microsoft registered refurbisher committed to creating a positive social impact. The Tech Cycle program, with founding support from the Hong Leong Foundation, endeavors to collect, repair, and distribute free of charge the digital tools essential to the upward socioeconomic mobility of the poor and underprivileged.

Donating to NGOs, orphanages, and other support systems for the most needy, SOLS Tech provides quality refurbished hardware to make an impact. Furthermore, SOLS Tech and Tech Cycle provide training and installation, ensuring the organizations and individuals receiving the hardware know how to use the licensed original Microsoft Software installed on the systems with the support of International NGO Tech Soup.

Why you should join the Tech Cycle

For many of us, using a computer, surfing the web, or checking an email is routine. However, there are more than 3 billion people across Asia without access to a computer or the internet. Furthermore, every year, more than 49 million metric tons of electronic and computer related waste is generated. Digital devices everywhere are being thrown away instead of being repaired or refurbished for those without the means to buy new items.

Donating your old digital items gives SOLS Tech an opportunity to repair and refurbish the items and give them to the people who need it most. We donate digital devices for free to charities, NGOs, orphanages, old persons’ homes, and other institutions whose need for technology is great, and whose impact on society is greater. Essentially, we want to give your computer or digital device a second life, and make an impact where society needs it most.

How the Tech Cycle works

Step one: donation

SOLS Tech and the Tech Cycle program invite you to donate your computers and old digital devices. We accept donations both big and small, of new devices and old devices, in working condition, or broken down and needing repair. Regardless of what kind of donation you can make, we at SOLS Tech and Tech Cycle will do our very best to ensure the item gets to those who need it most. Small donations can be dropped off at Hong Leong bank branches conveniently located around the country. We are happy to offer free collection of larger donations; donations of five computers/devices or more, as per your convenience.

To donate computers, or for more information, click here!

Step two: refurbishment

As a Microsoft Liscensed Refurbisher, SOLS Tech ensures your donations are professionally handled. Our center in Kuala Lumpur completely erases all data on the devices and subsequently refurbishes devices to professional quality standards. In conjunction with Tech Soup, an international software subsidization NGO, SOLS Tech then installs genuine, licensed Microsoft software. Furthermore, pieces beyond repair are often salvaged for parts, or used in our free IT educational instruction courses to teach computer architecture.

Step three: donation

Organizations, orphanages, old person’s homes, community centers, and charity services are all eligible to request or be nominated to receive computers and other digital devices. We try to donate to those in the greatest need, and especially try to focus on the poor and rural communities. We deliver the donated computers free of charge, and provide installation and training on site.

If your organization needs computers, request them from us or get more information by clicking here!

Step four: installation and training

SOLS Tech not only donates computers, but provides free delivery, installation and training. Proper installation and instruction is essential in providing a complete technological solution. Designing and providing tailored training programs for organizations receiving the digital devices ensures each donation makes an impact. Training programs and installation services are provided by SOLS Tech Technicians, and by students of SOLS Tech’s IT instruction program. The installation and training gives SOLS Tech students a chance to grow and practice their skills, while simultaneously demonstrating the value of computing and IT module training, both of which the organizations get access to as part of their donation package.

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