The Ulu Muda Field Research Center: increasing knowledge of Ulu Muda’s natural history

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Earth Lodge is a small ecolodge and field research center located about 14km by boat in the remote jungles of Ulu Muda in the Malaysian State of Kedah. We intend to stay small. Located in the eastern frontiers of the state bordering Thailand, the Greater Ulu Muda area is a particularly important site for Malaysia’s mega fauna and is a crucial water catchment area. Much of its interior is still unexplored. Ulu Muda is still relatively unknown even to Malaysians and is definitely an off-the-beaten-track destination.

The main aim of Earth Lodge and the Ulu Muda Field Research Center is to increase knowledge of Ulu Muda’s natural history and to raise awareness of the conservation value of this important natural treasure with the bigger objective of securing better protection and management for the area. We also intend to manage and run Earth Lodge with the smallest ecological footprint by constantly trying to be more efficient and sustainable. We admit that we are far from where we would like to be. For us, going green is a journey. Not a destination. We also want to ensure the surrounding local communities benefit from our operations and tourism at large. This way they will have a reason to help protect Ulu Muda. We hope you will help us in achieving this goal and look forward to your visit.

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