Urban Forest Trails for Environmental Education

The KDCF currently boasts a network of almost 5 km of trails. All the trails are built entirely by hand by volunteers and Temuan trail-builders under the supervision of TRAKS experts. Rakes and cangkuls are the tools we use. There is no impact to natural vegetation – the trails go around trees, and small saplings are moved if they are along the trail’s path. Occasional weekend forest walks are available, just keep up to date with our Facebook Page for more information. There are 3 trails here for the public:

The Petaling Trail is a walking trail for Environmental Education. It is suitable for children and is mainly flat and follows the edge of the lake.  It is 20 mins easy walk. The trail was originally built by MNS to build awareness of the forest’s importance, which is why it is sometimes called the MNS trail, the Education trail, and the Salleh trail. The Petaling trail was improved in 2010 and 10 interpretation posts were added.

The Scouts’ trail was built by TRAKS with the contributions of the Bukit Bintang Scouts in 2009. It is a 2 km trail, about 30 mins at a brisk pace.  This is a mountain bike trail.

The Temuan trail is another gorgeous mountain bike trail which is an additional 2 km off the Scouts’ Trail and joins the Scouts Trail again – in combination it is a pleasant 4 km which can be covered in 60 – 70 mins at a brisk walk.

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WHERE? The Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve may be accessed from Section 10, Kota Damansara.  There is a shelter opposite the Secondary School where you can meet your walking partners. If not yet familiar with the trails, Contact Us and we will arrange to pair you with a volunteer guide!

A BIT HARD TO FIND: Signage is appalling on the main road, so the important things is to follow the directions to the Sec 10 school off Persiaran Mahogani.


(Option 1 – Coming from the NKVE)

Exit the toll at Kota Damansara >> stay right and make the first right at the traffic lights >> follow the road as it curves along >> you will eventually come to another set of traffic lights at a T junction (the yellow mosque will be on your right) >> turn left >> stay right and then turn right at the 2nd set of traffic lights which direct you to Section 10 >> follow the road as it curves along >> you will pass a lake on your right and a condo on your left >> park along the street opposite the Sec 10 secondary school.

(Option 2 – Also coming from the NKVE – Persiaran Surian option)

Exit the toll at Kota Damansara >> follow the road straight and up the ramp as it curves right >> keep going straight past the McDonalds and petrol stations >> pass the next set of traffic lights and at the end of Persiaran Surian >> turn right at the lights onto Persiaran Mahogani >> the turn off to Section 10 will be immediately on your left >> follow the road as it curves along >> you will pass a lake on your right and a condo on your left >> park along the street opposite the Sec 10 secondary school.

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