[Warriors Needed] KindMeal.my – Malaysia’s 1st Meat-Free Lifestyle Platform



KindMeal.my is Malaysia’s (and the world’s) first meat-free lifestyle platform, offering a unique and compassionate angle towards promoting restaurants and cafes, with the primary objectives of saving animals, health, environment and money.

Restaurants are provided with an attractive showcase of their vegetarian offerings, and a hassle-free system for food lovers to obtain immediate discounts for meat-free meals. Savings are doubled if shared on social media to promote the welfare causes. Other features include social profiles, food photo sharing, location-specific restaurant search and Superhero achievements.

We are seeking passionate team members to join us in our welfare causes to improve animal and human lives. Animal welfare warriors are needed to help invite restaurants and cafes on board to feature meat-free meals and encourage more people to enjoy vegetarian dining. It is completely free for F&Bs to join, with no setup fees or deal commission.  Team members are provided with allowances and sign up fees for each recruited restaurant.

KindMeal.my is operated by PetFinder.my, Malaysia’s largest animal welfare portal and a registered NGO.

For more information, please contact us at: http://KindMeal.my/contact.htm?type=vacancy



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